OSRS players that are still mad with RS3

  • Rs3 has become more generic mmo nowadays, I will say the quests are at best of the top notch thoughWhy can you suggest it?

    From what I've heard, people who prefer osrs tend to play for the PvP, skill development, and market, which albion has in spades. Most of the quest driven people I have talked to moved to rs3. Should you love the mix of those two aspects of Osrs gold then sadly there's not anything else out there for you.

    As time has passed, drops are becoming more prevalent amongst the player pool just because more time has enabled them to drop, so it's to be expected. So far as IRL currency worth, I believe it's roughly $0.60/million gp though I might be somewhat off. There are drops from newer content worth countless millions to a bit more than a billion gp. I just started playing lately and it has been a blast up to now.

    My poor. Yeah I was referring to OSRS.

    Top tier guys can pull 35 million an hour. Newer players have access to content fairly quick to make 3-5 million an hour.

    Damn, not something that I expected. Even with all of the flack it has, it's still got 40k online players at this time which sets it slightly below the Buy Rs gold number of players currently playing Rust. Really curious what kind of numbers it will pull and as a mostly OSRS participant, I really hope the game won't get review bombed by the OSRS players that are still mad with RS3, potentially scaring off new players.

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